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6 Methods To Fund Your New Venture

I’m often asked: what is the best way to finance a new business venture. This question is usually followed by “So, do you ever invest in new business ventures?” The answers, respectively, are: 1. there is no “best” way to fund a new business; and 2. I do invest in new business ventures, but darn […]

5 Strategies to Pick the Your Home Business Opportunity

With the rise of the Internet, there’s never been a better time to launch a home business. Millions of people are choosing to work from home and make money on line, using only their computer and mouse. Millions more are involved in more traditional network marketing, scheduling parties and selling products to their friends, neighbors, […]

3 Most Proven Methods for Advertisement

the main man business

A home based business can be a wonderful asset to your life. The issue comes, when it’s time to advertise your company for a low cost. I, The Main Man know you have searched for this answer everywhere; I am here to share a few simple yet creative ways, to advertise your new home business. Main Man Suggestions would be… […]